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 Posted: March 2016

Schleuniger CoaxCenter 6000 

Unbeatable Quality in Micro-Coaxial and Coaxial Cable Processing


The CoaxCenter 6000 is a fully automatic machine for processing micro-coaxial and coaxial cables as well as single conductor wires.

Unbeatable precision

Don't waste time and money on inaccurate equipment. To be precise is our motto and precision is our business.

Monitors automatically

The QCam 360 automatically monitors the stripping quality. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual post-production monitoring processes.

Traceable data

Traceability of the data is ensured because the CoaxCenter 6000 records production data, including the 3D images.


Depending on the application, the CoaxCenter 6000 can be equipped with various processing stations.

High production output

Short changeover times. Fast and simple machine set-up. Simultaneous processing of both cable ends.

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Posted: March 2016

Schleuniger EcoStrip 9380 

Welcome to the future of entry level Cut and Strip


Transforming your expectations:

Flexible Cut and Strip machine equipped with roller or belt feeding unit capable of short mode processing.

Cut your costs, strip your efforts:

The machine is economically priced, yet in terms of performance, it exceeds previous models by 20 percent.

Explore simplicity:

Simple programming via 5.7" colour touchscreen with Schleuniger's standardised S.ON user interface.

Precision has a name:

All driven axes are powered by our proven Bricks electronic platform for ultimate precision.

Exceptional system versatility:

Turn the EcoStrip 9380 into a fully automatic processing line with a wide range of accessories for prefeeding, marking, stacking, coiling and tying.

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Posted: December 2015

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Schleuniger CoaxCenter 6000 and the Schleuniger ShieldCut 8100.


CoaxCenter 6000 is a fully automatic machine for processing micro-coaxial and coaxial cables as well as single conductor wires.

Coaxcentre 6000

Unbeatable Quality in Mirco-Coaxial and Coaxial Cable Processing.

  • Unbeatable stripping accuracy
  • Automatic quality monitoring of the stripping results
  • Traceability through recording of the production data
  • High degree of processing flexibility
  • High production output

For more information on the CoaxCentre 6000 click here.


ShieldCut 8100 is used to cut the braided shielding of round and out-of-round cables.


Unrivaled Flexibility for Cable Shield Cutting

  • Ingenious processing concept
  • High degree of processing flexibility
  • Intuitive programming

For more information on the ShieldCut 8100 click here.



Posted: September 2015


Sienna 900

Volkswagen AG orders second Sienna 900 laser system to boost production of hybrid electric vehicle motors.

Spectrum Technologies is pleased to announce a repeat order for a second SIENNA 900 magnet wire stripping (MWS) system for delivery to Volkswagen AG (VW), the World’s largest car manufacturer, at their plant in Kassel, Germany. This system will be used to support the ramp up in production of VW’s hybrid electric vehicle engines following the installation of the first SIENNA 900 system at Volkswagen in March 2014.

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Posted: July 2015


Schleuniger Multistrip 9480

The Most Versatile Cut and Strip Platform

Available in six machine versions

The Multistrip 9480 is the latest innovation for Schleuniger’s extensive cut and strip product family. This new automatic cut and strip machine, which was first introduced at this year’s productronica China, is available in six machine versions to meet individual production needs and budgets. Another exceptional feature of the MultiStrip 9480 is its unmatched versatility. “There is no other cut and strip machine that can process a greater variety of cables than the MultiStrip 9480,” states Product Manager Rajeevan Kumaran.

  • High production output due to very fast cutter head, high dynamic transport speed and parallel machine processes
  • Minimized changeover times with quick change blade cartridges, magnetically held guide tubes and programming libraries
  • The benchmark in precise coaxial and shielded cable processing with indexing cutter head and rotary incision capability

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MultiStrip 9480 – The Most Versatile Cut and Strip Platform

Posted: May 2015

Schleuniger Multistrip 9480


NEW to the market


The most versatile cut and strip platform. Available in six machine versions.


Click here for more information on the new Multistrip 9480.

The fully programmable rotary incision unit (on MR, RS, RSX and RX versions) allows easy processing of high precision coaxial and Multi-layer applications. Additional features, such as our multi-position cutter head, create a nearly endless range of application possibilities. Each machine can be easily interfaced with Schleuniger’s vast line of integrated accessories to create a fully automatic wire processing production line.

Expand your capabilities
With features like our multi-position cutter head, application possibilities are nearly endless.

Maximize your productivity
Minimize your changeover time and maximize your production. Save time with fast and easy setups.

Simplify your programming
Each of the six machine versions featurea powerful control software. The unique programming concept will impress both experts and beginners.

Precision is our passion

Don‘t waste time and money on inaccurate wire processing. Be precise. At Schleuniger precision is our passion.